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Developing Leaders for Real: Proven Approaches That Deliver Impact - Harry Gray, Ian Cunningham & Anne Gimson

Self Managed Learning and the New Education Paradigm - Ian Cunningham (2021) Routledge


The Modelling Tutorial: 17 Essays On How Experience Works - David Gordon & Graham Dawes (2017)


Expanding Your World - David Gordon & Graham Dawes (2005) 


Handbook of Work Based Learning - Ian Cunningham, Graham Dawes & Ben Bennett (2004) Gower


The Coaching Skill-Builder Activity Pack - Ian Cunningham & Graham Dawes (2001) Amacom 


Self Managed Learning in Action - Putting SML Into Practice - Ian Cunningham, Ben Bennett & Graham Dawes (2000) Gower 


The Wisdom of Strategic Learning: The Self Managed Learning Solution - 2nd edition - Ian Cunningham (1999) Gower


Other Resources

Management Development Tracker - Ian Cunningham, Ben Bennett, Graham Dawes & Anne Gimson (2004) Employers Organisation


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